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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome to Pioneer Battery Life Enhancer

Established in the year 1986, Pioneer Industries is a now a Full-fledged manufacturing firm of Battery Life enhancer as well as Tube fittings and valves.
We have a sound business standing with excellent turnover and holding a name in the global market by giving the best quality & service. All the products are manufactured under stringent quality control and supplied globally and throughout India

Product Video

[1] Pioneer Battery Enhancer How Does It Works?(English)
[2] Pioneer Battery Enhancer How Does It Works?(Hindi)

[3] Pioneer Cost Saving Battery Life Enhancer in English
[4] Pioneer Cost Saving Battery Life Enhancer in Hindi

“How you will be benefited”

One PBLE can rejuvenate a number of batteries connected in parallel, if the total voltage & ampere-hour ratings are suitable to the units. Battery life enhancer products areepoxy-moulded, shock-resistant & waterproof & can withstand high ambient temperature.

Efficiency & Storage Capacity

Prevent lead sulfate crystallization in new batteries. Prevent damage to lead plates due to lead sulfate crystal buildup. Due to sulfation, charging time increases so the electric bill increases & output decreases. With the help of PBLE charging time remains same as per new battery & saves money through electricity & output increases.

Double / triple batteries life

Our PBLE generates an electrical pulse that shatters & removes lead sulfate crystals maximizing its life-span & performance.

How does it Works?

Using break through square wave technology. PBLE electronic device sends a frequency signal to each crystal of lead sulfate, causing it to dissolve into sulfuric acid.
This restores the battery to its original condition & allows the maximum efficiency electrical charge to be drawn from the battery.